About us


VRIMADA, is inspired by three founders, VRINDA, MANIK and DISHA.

We 3 didn’t meet by chance, we were destined to meet and VRIMADA is our journey to make the bond even stronger.

“What’s YOURS is MINE and what’s MINE is MINE”. If you have grown up with SIBLINGS, you can relate to the EMOTION and if you have more than one sibling you own double or sometimes even more wardrobes in the house.  

In our house, Vrinda and Disha enjoyed almost 3 wardrobes but Manik could do only with 1, perks of being an elder brother, or not . We have grown up BORROWING endless Shirts, including Shirts for school uniform from our elder brother, it would make for the most COMFORTABLE and COMFORTING clothing. And few times, his Shirts were passed on to us for good when it would no longer fit him, middle class house values, we don’t like to throw anything 😊.

SHIRTS have kept us BONDED for years, and it will continue to do so even when we live in different cities now. VRIMADA was conceived to make SHIRTS that can be worn by both the genders and can be worn over and over so that you don’t have to part with your SHIRTS just so soon.

SHARE your SHIRTS with your friends, siblings, partner and multiply the BOND.